Code distribution

This page contains information related to XMapTools 3.4 which has been discontinued is and no longer updated. We recommend you to try XMapTools 4 here

At XMapTools, we are committed to the goals of open research. The objective we pursue is to achieve a high-level of openness while preserving our license model which guaranty a free access to XMapTools for everyone working in Academia. This would not be possible with a commercial version of XMapTools (made by us or by others).

The external functions of XMapTools are provided as MATLAB© subroutines (M-files) and include the source code that can be freely modified by the users. However, we strongly recommend anyone who wants to use this source code outside XMapTools to contact us first. The main reason is that we want to keep a track on where these functions are used for the purpose of providing possible fixes. Following the license rules, the code source of these files cannot be downloaded and/or used for any kind of commercial activities.

The source code of XMapTools GUI and main routines is not available for public use as the software is deployed using a content-obscured format (MATLAB© P-code). Researchers from academia can sign in as XMapTools developer and get access to the source code via Github. Please contact Dr. Pierre Lanari to learn more about the procedure to follow.