XMapTools 3.4 is discontinued!

We are moving forward and we have deployed XMapTools 4, but you can still download XMapTools 3.4.1 here.

A set of enhanced data visualisation tools


A sophisticated software solution
  • XMapTools provides advanced numerical tools in a guided environment to explore and visualize your data in your own way
  • It incorporates a large variety of options for data processing, data calibration and data visualisation via single and multi-channel maps or via binary, ternary and spider diagrams

Powerful and accurate
  • Apply a correction for artefacts, a drift correction or simply perform an automated multi-channel classification or an analytical standardisation – including a pseudo-background correction method – with the assistance of predictive routines
  • XMapTools also incorporates advanced tools to extract high accuracy information from any dataset at any stage of the data processing

Optimized for petrologists
  • If you are interested in quantitative petrology, XMapTools provides routines and methods to generate maps for a large variety of structural formulas, diagnostic elemental ratios for both major and trace elements as well as temperature and pressure conditions
  • The active development of a new generation of XMapTools modules aim to expend our research horizon notably for petrological modelling based on local equilibria

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How to install XMapTools? (2020)
How to use XMapTools add-ons to import a BSE image? (2020)
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