This page contains information related to XMapTools 3.4 which has been discontinued is and no longer updated. We recommend you to try XMapTools 4 here


Keep XMapTools up to date

Thank you for using XMapTools! We regularly update the software to fix bugs and improve features. Download the latest version to get the best XMapTools experience.

Automated updates

As soon as an update of XMapTools becomes available you will receive a warning message when you try to open the program (internet connection is required). To update XMapTools, simply press the button “update” and follow the instructions. It should take less than half a minute and you will be ready to start working.

Note: We strongly recommend our WINDOWS users to restart MATLAB after updating to the last XMapTools version.

Note: The check-for-update can slow down XMapTools opening. The response times of XMapTools’ server is generally 4-50 ms for Europe, 110-150 ms for USA+Canada, 200-250 ms for South America and 250-600 ms for Asia and Australia.

Core files, user files and XMapTools updates

  • The update process will affect all the files and subdirectory of the main XMapTools setup directory: /program. This includes all the core files and external functions. If you have made any modifications to those files, your changes will be lost.
  • All the files of the user directory /UserFiles are kept unchanged.
  • Note that the compatible add-ons are not updated automatically with XMapTools.