This page contains information related to XMapTools 3.4 which has been discontinued is and no longer updated. We recommend you to try XMapTools 4 here

XMapTools is a MATLAB-based software solution which requires MATLAB© to run. There is no compiled version available and this will not change in the future. Consequently, you need to have MATLAB© installed on your machine if you want to use XMapTools. Note: a cheap MATLAB© student version can be purchased via the Mathwork website (Mathwork website).


XMapTools 3 is fully compatible with MATLAB© version 8.4 release R2014b or more recent releases which are based on the new graphic engine HG2. XMapTools is developed on a MacBook Pro using MATLAB© R2015a and it has been intensively tested on MATLAB© R2017b and on Windows 10 with MATLAB© R2015b.

XMapTools 3.3.1 seems to be fully compatible with MATLAB© R2020a on OSX. Older MATLAB versions (pre-R2014b) are no longer supported.

XMapTools does not require any additional MATLAB© toolbox such as Statistic, Image Processing toolboxes. However, we strongly recommend to have such toolboxes that may provide useful functions if you want to go further than what XMapTools does.

Warning MATLAB R2014b or a more recent version is now required. XMapTools will not longer receive updates if used within old MATLAB environments (pre-R2014b). Please consider upgrading your MATLAB to ensure full compatibility with the most advanced version of XMapTools!