This page contains a description of the XMapTools add-on Img2Txt.

Img2Txt utility

How to add Img2Txt to XMapTools?

Img2Txt can be downloaded directly via the XMapTools interface using the Extension manager:

  1. Open MATLAB©, set the working directory and open XMapTools
  2. In menu, select File > Add-Ons > Manage Extensions
  3. Find Img2Txt in the Extension manager
  4. Press the button Download (or Delete & Download to update the add-on)
  5. XMapTools downloads and install the add-on

How to use Img2Txt

This extension transforms an image into a matrix stored in a text-file.

  1. In XMapTools, activate the workspace X-ray
  2. Select Img2Txt in the add-on menu and click APPLY
  3. Press the button Select a File and Convert
  4. Select an image
  5. (Optional) provide a lower and upper limit for rescaling
  6. Save the map as text file
  7. Close Img2Txt and import the map in XMapTools

Note: The conversion can be used to retrieve quantitative data provided that the color scale is linear (e.g. black and white). Otherwise the data will be “re-scaled” based on the original color scale.