XMapTools package

  1. Unzip the archive file in a suitable directory such as /UserHome/Documents/MATLAB/. It is strongly recommended to use this directory to install XMapTools. Here, MATLAB© always has the permissions to write in files. It is recommended to not have blank (space) in the address of the location of MATLAB© codes such as XMapTools

The archive file contains three folders: Program, UserFiles and Example. Program contains the XMapTools program files and should not be edited. UserFiles contains user’s functions and codes.

Program and working directories

  1. Create two subdirectories in your local MATLAB©  directory: …/UserHome/Documents/MATLAB/XMapTools/ for the program and …/UserHome/Documents/MATLAB/Xray_Data/ to store the X-ray data
  2. The folders Program/ and UserFiles/ go in …/UserHome/Documents/MATLAB/XMapTools/
  3. The folder Example/ goes in …/UserHome/Documents/MATLAB/Xray_Data/

Warning: If data or projects files are stored into the folder XMapTools Program/, they will be deleted during the automatic update. A warning message is displayed if the user attempts to run XMapTools from the setup directory.


  1. XMapTools 2 is ready to be installed, run in MATLAB© XMapTools/Program/Install_XMapTools.p and follow the instructions. More details regarding this procedure are provided in the user guide