Additional Tools & Files

This page contains information related to XMapTools 3.4 which has been discontinued is and no longer updated. We recommend you to try XMapTools 4 here


XMapToolsCoord-1.3.xls (updated version 15.01.2016) – Excel spread sheet to calculate image coordinates from the center point position (compatible with CAMECA© and JEOL© microprobes.) Download here

Standards.txt – example of standard file (see user-guide). Download here

Classification.txt – example of file reporting input pixel coordinates (see user-guide). Download here

Scientific colour maps (Version 7.0.0 from F. Crameri) – Download the file XMap_ColorMaps.txt and Replace the old file in XMapTools/Program/Dev/. All color palettes labeled SCM are from Crameri, F. (2018) version 7.0.0.

Reference: Crameri, F. (2018). Scientific colour maps. Zenodo.