If you have been using XMapTools 1.6.5 or a previous version on your computer, it must be deactivated before to install XMapTools 2. It is not possible to update directly to XMapTools 2 using the launcher.

Procedure to uninstall XMapTools

  1. Run MATLAB©
  2. In the MATLAB© menu, press File and Set Path (or in R2013b and more recent, in Home, Environment, press the button Set Path).
  3. In the Set Path window, select the installation path of XMapTools and press Remove.
  4. Press the buttons Save and Close.
  5. You can manually remove the directory with the old XMapTools files

New installation

  1. Follow the installation procedure described here

Additional remarks

  • The installation directory ofXMapTools must be stored in the pathdef file of MATLAB©. If the setup directory is not listed there (during step 3, see above), this means that XMapTools is not correctly working on your machine. You can directly install the new program.
  • In order to find the XMapTools setup directory, the MATLAB© function which can be used: » which XMapTools.p. This function works only if the program is correctly installed on your computer. Otherwise, the function print out: ’XMapTools.p’ not found.