XThermoTools is an official XMapTools extension for thermodynamic calculations based on compositional maps. It includes the most up-to-date version of Bingo-Antidote (Lanari & Duesterhoeft 2019; Duesterhoeft & Lanari 2020).

Reference publications and citation guidelines for Bingo-Antidote

The following publications provide a description of Bingo-Antidote and some application examples:

  • Bingo-Antidote algorithm: Duesterhoeft, E., & Lanari, P. (in revision). Iterative thermodynamic modelling – Part 1: A theoretical scoring technique and a computer program (BINGO-ANTIDOTE). Journal of Metamorphic Geology
  • Bingo-Antidote philosophie and first application example: Lanari, P. & Duesterhoeft, E. (2019). Modelling metamorphic rocks using equilibrium thermodynamics and internally consistent databases: past achievements, problems and perspectives. Journal of Petrology, 60, 19-56
  • Local bulk compositions: Lanari, P., & Engi, M. (2017). Local bulk composition effects on metamorphic mineral assemblages, Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, 83, 55-102

The results were obtained using Bingo-Antidote integrated in XThermoTools 1.1.1 (Duesterhoeft & Lanari 2020), an extension of XMapTools (Lanari et al. 2014; 2019).