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    Pierre Lanari

    The new merge function introduced in XMapTools 2.6.4 caused several unexpected issues, the main one in the structure of the data saved in project files. A project file might be corrupted if this function was used before Saving the project.

    I provide here a patch to fix this issue and repair the corrupted project files.



    1. Download the patch at
    2. Copy the script file (RUN_Debug264.m) in the directory XMapTools/Program/
    3. Navigate via the MATLAB browser to your working directory containing the project file to be corrected
    4. Type the following command in the MATLAB Command Window: RUN_Debug264
    5. Click “Yes” and select your project file (*.mat)
    6. Be patient… This correction can take some time if your project contains large maps
    7. Your project has been corrected

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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