XMapTools_2.4.3 (10-01-2018)

This XMapTools 2.4.3 update is strongly recommended for all users as it fixes a major issue in the deadtime correction function

It is strongly recommended to all users to re-import the X-ray maps with XMapTools 2.4.3. There was an error in the deadtime correction function of the import tool. The deadtime correction in the previous versions (probably since 2.4.1) was overestimated by a factor of 1000/dwelltime. In most cases, this error did not affect the standardized maps, if the standardization was good and the quality checks were correctly performed.

Other changes:

  • Provide a new colormap FreezeWarm (created by S. Centrella)
  • Several minor issues have been fixed in the advanced standardization module
  • Additional bug fixes

XMapTools_2.4.2 (20-09-2017)

This XMapTools 2.4.2 update is strongly recommended for all users as it fixes an issue with the new XMapTools menu introduced in XMapTools 2.4.1.

XMapTools_2.4.1 (28-08-2017)

This XMapTools 2.4.1 update is strongly recommended for all users and contains several new features as well as improvements to stability and compatibility. This update:

  • Provide an advanced standardization method with a new graphical user interface module
  • Provide a new module for time-dependent intensity drift correction (IDC)
  • Provide a new external function to generate maps of Mean-Atomic-Number
  • Provide a new external function to compute maps of structural formulas for antigorite
  • Improve the detection of errors of the function used to load the file Standards.txt
  • Improve the TOPO-related correction to avoid negative pixel values
  • Improve the positioning of XMapTools GUI by adding a function that align any additional module to the position of the main window
  • Improve the function to select/unselect the spot analyses used as internal standards

Other changes:

  • Resolve an issue with the function used to transfer maps from the Xray workspace to Quanti
  • Resolve an issue with the tool to display live coordinates in the workspace Quanti and Results (VER_804)
  • Resolve an issue with the use of oxide concentration maps exported from CAMECA microprobes
  • Resolve an issue with the display XMapTools’ logo
  • Resolve small issues with the function generate a density map that appeared when user pressed cancel
  • Resolve an issue with the result plot from the external function (P-T spot mode)
  • Resolve an issue with the closing function of some external modules
  • Correct the external function ThermoFctChlBourdelle.m
  • Add several elements and isotopes to the default file Xmap_Default.txt
  • Add several equations to the default file Xmpa_Variables.txt; Mathematical symbols should not be used in the variable name
  • Additional bug fixes

User-guide version 2.4:

  • The function descriptions have bee updated, including the description of the new modules
  • The first tutorial “electron microprobe X-ray maps processing” has been expended and includes the instructions to apply the advanced standardisation procedure

XMapTools_2.3.1 (30-08-2016)

This XMapTools 2.3.1 update is strongly recommended for all users and contains new features together with improvements to stability and compatibility. This update:

  • Add an engine to incorporate XMapTools add-ons in the main GUI. For example XThermoTools, an add-on for thermodynamic modelling will be available in the futur.
  • Improve the import function (automatic indexation; introduce map types; load vector map) and provide a new module: the Import Tool (background correction; rotation; scaling). This new function allows importing LA-ICP-MS maps.
  • Provide a module to plot RGB images (XMTModRGB)
  • Provide a module to generate spider diagrams from maps (XMTModSpider)
  • Provide a function to explore the variations in local compositions within a domain
  • Provide a function to export mask files generated in XMapTools and to save them as *.txt file
  • Incorporate a new type of external function (5) to calculate density (chlorite, cpx and garnet – work in progress)
  • Provide a new function Transfert2Result in Quanti workspace (external functions module)
  • Provide a new function in the workspace Results to generate and plot relative variation maps to a reference pixel
  • Improve the function to export the bulk composition from any domain with uncertainty
  • Provide a ‘multi map mode’ for the sampling function: line

Other changes:

  • Resolve an issue where Density data are not provided in Classification.txt
  • Resolve an issue with the manual standardization where negative values are selected
  • Resolve an issue in the external function StructFctGarnetFe3
  • Resolve an issue with colorbars in MATLAB 2016a.
  • Improve the function to calculate new variables in Results
  • Improve the setup routine, which automatically generates the two directories /UserFiles and /Addons
  • Improve the compatibility with XThermoTools (future add-on)
  • Additional bug fixes

XMapTools_2.2.1 (15-11-2015)

Many any useful tools are included, such as new exporting functions and a way to extrapolate 2D compositions into 3D and a density correction to calculate local compositions.

  • New function to export mean phase composition and standard deviation from
    an area + structural formula with Monte-Carlo simulation
  • New function to extrapolate 2D compositions into 3D using ellipses and ellipsoids
  • New functions to delete a domain of a standardized map
  • New function to generate a density map
  • New function to generate y density-corrected standardized map
  • New function to duplicate a Quanti file
  • New external function: StrcutFormNepheline.m
  • Improved the setup program
  • Resolved troubles with the setup program
  • Fixed an issue that crash the program during update check (network not connected to internet)
  • Fixed crash of Chem2D on MATLAB 2015a
  • Fixed issue that made the diary not work
  • Fixed an issue with end-member proportions calculation on biotite

XMapTools_2.1.7 (30-06-2015)

First public version of XMapTools 2. The following new features have been introduced:

  • New Graphic User Interface fully compatible with the new MATLAB© graphic engine
  • New corrections: Border-removing correction (BRC); Topo-related correction (TRC); Map position correction (MPC); Standard position correction (SPC); Intensity drift correction (IDC)
  • New starting options such as open (>> XMapTools open ProjectName)
  • New manual classification method: the masks generated with the chemical modules may be imported and merged in the main program in order to create a new mask file
  • Major update of the sampling functions, including a new sampling mode: integrated lines
  • Chem2D and TriPlot3D are available in all the workspaces (X-ray, Quanti, Results)
  • New function to test the positions of the spot analyses and the X-ray maps
  • A scale bar and the date have been added to the exported map
  • New user settings window and options
  • New histogram mode
  • The size of the main figure may be changed (three sizes are available)
  • More than twenty minor bugs have been fixed

XMapTools_2.1.4 (01-06-2015)

Private version . XMapTools 2 gold master used to introduce the new program during workshop PETROCHRO-2015

XMapTools_2.1.1 (10-06-2014)

Private version used to implement the new interface and the new features of XMapTools 2

XMapTools_1.6.5 (27-12-2013)

Public release. New functions available to compute variables from output of results. The classification function can read external files reporting the coordinates of the initial pixels compositions used by the k-means function. New external functions: NThermoGC-pRavna2000Fe3, ThermoFctBioHenry, and structural formulas of epidote, allanite, staurolite and olivine. Fixed bugs and updated GUI button names

XMapTools_1.6.4 (12-08-2013)

Public release. The function that read and execute external functions has been updated. The ‘P, T and P-T / spot mode (3)’ functions have been updated accordingly. Update of the external function StructFctBiotite with new end-members. New structural formulas functions: Cordierite and Mg-Fe Spinel. Fixed bugs in the standardization function and the bulk composition estimates

XMapTools_1.6.3 (18-07-2013)

Public release. Fixed bug in the rotate function

XMapTools_1.6.2 – (17-07-2013)

Public release. XMapTools_Launcher (download / setup / auto-updates); Zoom tool; new function rotate; std can be selected / deselected; New functions; New GUI XMapTools info functions; New function to test the standardization. This version doesn’t require any MATLAB© Toolbox

XMapTools_1.6.1 – (07-01-2013)

Public release. New tool: Panel; new options

XMapTools_1.5.4 – (01-11-2012)

Beta release of XMapTools 1.6.1 tested during the short course Bern 2012. Private release. This version must be updated

XMapTools_1.5.2 – (17-09-2012)

This release does not require the MATLAB© “statistic toolbox”

XMapTools_1.5.1 – (03-09-12)

First public release. New button for filtering. Warning: requires the MATLAB© Statistic Toolbox

XMapTools_1.4.3 – Forsterite formation (french)

Version utilisée pour la formation forstérite. Attention, cette version doit être mise à jour afin de bénéficier de toutes les fonctionnalitées de MATLAB© V1.5