XMapTools is a MATLAB©-based program that requires MATLAB© to be executed. Unfortunately, there is no compiled version of XMapTools available so far and users must have a version of MATLAB© installed. NB: For students, a cheap MATLAB© student version can be purchased in the Mathwork website.


XMapTools can be used with MATLAB© version 7.5 release R2007b or more recent releases. It has been developed on a MacBook Pro using MATLAB© R2012a and it has been intensively tested on MATLAB© R2014b and on Windows 7 with MATLAB© R2013b.

XMapTools 2.3.1 seems to be fully compatible with MATLAB© R2017b. The program checks which MATLAB© version is used and run the recommended GUI: VER_XMapTools_750 from MATLAB© 2009b to MATLAB© 2014a and VER_XMapTools_804 from MATLAB© 2014b to MATLAB© 2017b. This compatibility check ensures a better compatibility of XMapTools with the recent versions of MATLAB© in which a new graphical engine has been deployed.

XMapTools does not require any additional MATLAB© toolbox such as Statistic, Image Processing toolboxes. However, we strongly recommend to have such toolboxes that may provide useful functions if you want to go further than what XMapTools does.