Citation Guidelines


Please use the following citations in your publications when you refer to XMapTools. The version of the program should be specified just after the name, e.g. The X-ray maps were standardized using XMapTools 2.3.2 (Lanari et al. 2014).

Software reference

  • Lanari, P., Vidal, O., De Andrade, V., Dubacq, B., Lewin, E., Grosch, E., Schwartz, S. (2014) XMapTools: a MATLAB©-based program for electron microprobe X-ray image processing and geothermobarometry. Computers and Geosciences. 62, 227-240.

Mapping technique reference

  • De Andrade, V., Vidal, O., Lewin, E., O’Brien, P., Agard, P., (2006). Quantification of electron microprobe compositional maps of rock thin sections: an optimized method and examples. Journal of Metamorphic Geology24, 655–668

Selection of XMapTools application examples

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Application Examples Mapping

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